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Wiring and Installing the 2290 3-Way Toggle Switch Adapter 


The 3-Way Toggle Switch

The 3-way toggle switch adapter is a small circuit board soldered to the back of a Double-Pole-Double Throw toggle switch with a center off position. Using a small PIC computer chip, we are able to create 3 independent 1/4 second output pulses from toggle. Seeing that the Toggle Switch Adapter does not have its own internat USB Code, you need to connect the board to either our Model 2040 or 2160 USB Adapters.

This is easily accomplished with a 3-wire cable terminated to a matching 3-pin female connector which easily pluggs onto any group of 3 J1 or J2 pins on the 2040 or 2160 boards. The 3-Way Adapter Board (2290) does require a 5 VDC supple for its operation. This is easily obtained from the 2040/2160 circuit board on its J1 17x2 male connector. If you need more then one 2290 togle switch for your flight panel, we have also included 2 3-pin male connector on the back of the 2290 board. By taking the first 2290 and connecting its power connector into the 2040/2160 board, the power cord from the second, you can connect it onto the back of the first adapter. If you need 3 adapters; the power cord from the third can be connected to the power connector from the second. This wiring is called a "Daisy-chain". See the diagram below.

Connecting the 2290 to Either a 2040 or 2160 Board

In addition to the Power Connection (RED and BLACK Wire), the 2290 also contains a second cable with 3 wires. These three wires contain the output from the small computer chip located on the small circuit board soldered to the Toggle Switch. This connector can be inserted into any one of the 5 Input Pin Groups on the 2040 or 2160 USB Adapter Board. That's all there is to the installation of the 3-Way Adapter.

To test the adapter for the 3 output pulses; connect the 2040 (or 2160) Adapter Board to an unused USB input on your computer. If this is the first time the USB Adapter is being connected to the computer, your computer will automatically load the correct Driver Software.

When the Driver software is loaded, go into your computers Calibration Window and click on the 2040 or 2160 Digital Switch listing inside the small window. Then flip the Adapter to each of its 3 positions. The Calibration Window will show a 1/4 second pulse for each of the 3 positions on the Toggle Switch.

Now, by using the SETTINGS window on your favorite Flight Simulator, you can easily program each of the 3 positions to the desired flight function.

Should you find that the length of either the Power Cable or the 3-wire Control wires are too short for your installation, you can increase its length be splicing into the cables an additional length of #20 or #22 Stranded wire. Testing shows that adding a wire with the length of 24 inches will not effect the normal operation of the Adapter. Just remember to insulate your splices as to not short the wires together or to touch any other metal surfaces or devices.


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