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DTA Products

905B Budget Panel

1010E Cessna Panel

1020 Switch Panel

1035HiRES Throttle

1065 Retrofit Trim W

2015 NAV/COM

2030 USB Trim W

2040 Digital Switch

2050 Junction Box

2060 Switch Array

2070 Brake Pedals

2080 Carb Controler

2090 Rotary Encoder

2097 USB/Analog

2100 Cessna Panel #2

2120 Pulse Generator

2130 P. Junction Box

2140/2150 Controls

IL-2/Falcon Controls

2190 USB P. Brake

2200 USB Carb Cont


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SUPER Rotary Encoder
USB Junction Box # 2130
Pulse Generator #2120

Avionics Panel  # 2100

USB Junction Box # 2050

Avionics Switch # 1020


USB Adapter # 2097

NAV/COM Radio # 2010

AUTOPILOT Panel # 2020
Elevator Trim Wheel Kit
IL-2 & Falcon Controls
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USB to 20 Button Interface

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Building Avionics Panels for the PC12  Added 11-16-2009

"PC12 Panels" is a 26 page Article in .pdf format. Roy; one of the friends of Desktop Aviator, uploaded this very fine and extensive article requesting it to be included on our website. When I read this article, I knew I had to post this work of perfection.

In these 26 pages, Roy, takes you on a journey of Flight Simulator fantasy with his layout, design, fabrication and assembly of a number of Avionics Panels using a few of Desktop Aviator's products, including the SUPER Rotary Encoder Model 2090 board and Rotary Encoder switches.

So strap yourself "In"; place all tray tables in its "Up and Locked" Position and get ready for a step-by-step instructional course on Flight Sim panel construction from the "Ground - Up"

Click HERE to download Roy Seifert's "PC12 Panels"


Below are 3 Sample Pages from the Article



Flight Simulator Articles
FS Articles by Folks like YOU!- Come visit our page full of Flight Simulator Articles dealing with FSmodifications, stories, projects and MORE! We have a photo layout from one of our customers who is building a 737 cockpit! We also have a construction article on how you can easily modify your CH Products Yoke so you can Plug In a 7 inch Elevator Trim Wheel.

NEW Article Added 09/29/2008
How to Build Your Own Push/Pull Throttle Quadrant

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